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written by Amber October 29, 2016



It’s safe to say that everyone’s had a less than awesome day over the simple fact of being too tired. I get it, life’s busy and it sneaks up, first the irritability kicks in, then lack of focus and concentration. The good news is, this is a totally avoidable aspect of life. The key to getting a good night’s sleep is mainly dependent on us and is as literally as easy as 1, 2, 3

1  Winding down
Having wind down time is something so simple yet we often cut ourselves short, I know i’m guilty of having my laptop out right til the last minute. Wind down time should be the most relaxing part of our day, where we let our bodies know that it is time to begin getting ready for sleep. Whether it’s trading your iPhone for a book, or turning off the TV and jumping into bed, wind down time will begin to de-stimulate your brain and help you get into ‘sleepy mode’..


2  Create and stick to a sleep schedule

Most people have schedules in their daytime lives, so it only makes sense to have one in their nighttime lives also. Creating a sleeping schedule is a simple act of consistency that can be altered, changed and suited to you. Create a bedtime cycle where you go to sleep and wake up at the same time. Whether it’s the weekend, holidays or your day off, it’s still important to stick to a timetable, to allow your body to get into a routine. This simple method is proven to help one get a better sleep, night after night.

3  Getting the right mattress

If you can’t spend the day in uncomfortable or painful heels, why spend the night in an uncomfortable bed? Many people spend a safe 25-50% of their day sleeping, but most are sleeping on an itchy, uncomfortable or old mattresses that aren’t doing any favors for the body. There is nothing more beautiful than a luxurious night’s sleep and that’s why it is so important to be sleeping on a mattress made with the highest quality materials, ensuring total comfort and offering less partner disturbance . I’m feeling pretty darn chuffed because I recently became the very proud owner of a super king Sleepyhead Sanctuary with unique Sensorzone technology.

I switched over two weeks ago and my back feels great, even my neck is happier. I’ve been pretty fussy in the past so I’m so excited to be more refreshed and rested. This was a pretty massive perk of the job and now I’m trying to find more excuses to do ‘Bed Office’ days !


There’s a direct link to check out the Sleepyhead Sanctuary range:  here

Or of course try one out for yourself at your local Sleepyhead retailer because if you purchase a Sleepyhead Sanctuary bed before 30th November 2016, you’ll go in the draw to win a trip for two to New York with tickets to a New York Fashion Week show. Amaze!!





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