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Best Birthday Present Ever

written by Amber June 10, 2017

So, it’s my birthday today, yay me. And while I’m a complete sucker for handbags and heels the one thing I’ve wished for is clear skin, and today I can say finally, I have it. All thanks to one determined lady (ok, 2 counting me).
A bit of background, over the last couple of years my skin has been all over the place, oily, dry and constantly battling with pimples, large blind ones that lurk around forever. Spots are no fun for ANYONE they chip away at your confidence and are a time-consuming stress always worrying about covering the bastards up .. which you can never reeeeally do that well anyway.
I felt I had been everywhere and tried everything not to mention trial and error is bloody expensive!
But as I said at the top, I have come out the other end, it took six months and the journey isn’t over yet but I have my wish, clear skin that is happy and healthy.

I’m writing this in case you or anyone you know is in the same pimple fight because it seriously sucks, but it doesn’t have to.

Introducing Janine from Laser Skin Technologies who specialises in acne and anti ageing. She started this journey with me at the beginning of the year when I had incredibly stubborn cystic hormonal pimples, but Janine was supportive and knowledgeable, so I always felt I was in the best hands.

I know the clear skin journey can be expensive, but I think of all the money and time I’ve wasted trying products and treatments when I should have been listening to Janine. Oh yes, she is my skin guru now.

To get me where I am today she has had me on a course of Laser Genesis with Laser rejuvenation to destroy bacteria deep in the skin layers, Vitamin A peels, TCA and Salicylic acid peels for changing the proteins in the skin and removing the outer layers plus Microderms which help even out the skin’s texture, improving tone and stimulating new cellular growth.

I will be updating you as my journey goes on, but I had to get this out now. Anyone that’s suffering from stupid bumps and lumps will want to get on to fixing it as soon as possible. So today, on my birthday I’m forever grateful to Laser Skin Technologies for clear easy to manage skin.

Amber x
Photography by @anywhereiroamphotography

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