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written by Amber June 28, 2016

In the winter months it’s easy to feel a bit dull.. in the past I’ve just added in another shimmer powder to the ol’ makeup regime and shrugged it off but the truth is, jealousy would ooze out when I came across a lovely specimen with naturally glowing skin. I’m honestly happy for her, but dammit I want it !

So when my birthday rolled around I took the liberty of booking into the best facial experience I know. Yes siry, Happy birthday to me.  The Bespoke Facial at The Facialist  has had beauty editors Auckland wide in a flutter so my curiosity was peaking. To be honest I was mostly going for the pampering, to feel great for the day, their face massages are out of this world! What I didn’t expect was this long lasting glow of hydration, I had my facial a few weeks ago now and I’ve seen a lovely change in my skin, it’s still feeling soft and supple plus I noticed it’s a lot more stable. I think in large part it is thanks to the ‘Soaking cleanse’ which I now do morning and night. Actually, that’s another reason to visit, these ladies are full of tips and fantastic info.



I was too busy having the time of my life to take notes in the facial so they’ve been kind enough to break it down incase your curiosity is now peaking as well!  It’s absolute heaven


The Bespoke Facial
A holistic skin treatment that is completely customised for our client's skin. 

For Amber’s facial, we focused on deep cleansing and hydration to really get Amber's
skin plumped and glowing! 

Starting with a deep cleanse, steam and gentle enzyme peel to exfoliate, refine and
brighten the skin. We then did a little extraction to remove any impurities from the
A hydrating serum was applied before the GLOW Tribeca oil was massaged into Amber’s
skin. We do a very deep massage to lift, tone and detoxify the skin. 
A nourishing mask was then customised with a herbal tincture and raw honey and
applied to the skin while Amber’s neck, shoulders, scalp and arms are massaged. 
We finished the facial with a herbal compress, customised actives and cold stones to
restore balance and tone to Amber’s skin.  

I’m wishing I didn’t wait till my birthday to do this, I should have done it ages ago so hopefully this has inspired you to go and treat yourself and your skin.. (if I say ‘because you’re worth it’ am I going to get sued?)  .. Hmm perhaps ‘because you deserve it’. That’s not been coined yet right?


Amber   xx

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