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My Waiheke Glow Up

written by Amber November 23, 2020
This is actually the first time I’m seeing the before and after shots next to each other.
I have to say, I could not be happier with how it has turned out.
We have had a little spot on Waiheke for 8 years now and when we first renovated, both myself and my husband bought random pieces we thought were interesting and fun, we took loads of hand me downs from our parents (always managing to find a spot for what they no longer wanted) and as the years progressed we accumulated a huge amount of surplus ‘stuff’.
There’s obviously nothing wrong with this, it was a beach rental after all, but earlier this year I decided our home away from home needed a refresh.  I was dying to reconnect with the place and inject it with my current style..   the renovation grew from there.
I started planning 7 months ago with a colour palette, keeping my eye out for furniture that I absolutely loved. I knew I wanted it to be more minimalist, to have more space and a general feeling of more air.  Choosing quality over quantity I looked online (for hours, a fun lockdown activity) always referring back to my colour palette if I got distracted.
I spent some time searching for the perfect sofa, I knew I didn’t want the headache of having a white couch but I still wanted it to look chic, unfussy and inviting.  I absolutely hit the jackpot with Republic Home, their sofa selection was so inspiring and I fell instantly in love with the Kairakau corner suite in Sage.
It is the perfect blend of simple strong lines, with a soft stylish finish. What was even better, these covers can come completely off to be dry cleaned, so ideal for the beach.. and a red wine drinking dare devil like me!
If you’d love to check out the Republic Home Kairakau sofa I’ve popped a link here

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