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Angelina Jolie Pitt and Her Husband Are Cute, Their Movie Is Compelling

written by lucyfreyakorn November 5, 2015

by Lucy korn

By The Sea, coming to theatres near you (at some point).

So Angelina and Brad’s new film, By The Sea, looks as if it will be kinda depressing but whatever, I’m down for anything that Angelina writes, directs or acts and for/in this she is all three. What I’m not down for, though, is Brad bringing back his tinted, un-rimmed shades obsession to the red carpet.


This is what they wore to the screening of their film in New Yor yesterday. I mean, it’s cute because they totally coordinate but, dude we don’t need these glasses to become a thing, again. Also, as much as I love her, I’m hardly ever down for Angelina’s ‘formal’ sartorial choices either. Like, this dress is nice but I can’t with the way it’s styled, she’s mother f**king badass – dress accordingly. But, I digress. By The Sea looks, while depressing, very compelling and I am desperate to see it, however while the trailer says the release date is November 13th I have since come to learn that that date applies to the cities of New York, LA and Toronto only. That’s bullshit right? You can’t make a film starring two of the world’s most famous people, that cost $24million to make, and treat it like an indie! That’s like, the rules of cinemaism.


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