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Basic vs Hipster

written by lucyfreyakorn October 21, 2014

by Lucy Korn

A close read of a Buzzfeed quiz


According to Buzzfeed’s ‘Are You More Hipster Or More Basic’ Quiz  I am apparently ‘More Basic.’

This thoroughly offended me, mostly because the picture accompanying the result was of Jennifer Anniston (gah) but also because I feel describing someone as basic is describing someone as boring and that my friends is the ultimate insult.


So because I couldn’t do the usual thing and share the result on my wall along with the dancing twins emoji, I took the quiz again. This time  I choose cats instead of dogs, bobs burgers over OITNB, Joaquin Phoenix over Jennifer Lawrence (with that name how can you not be hipster?) and tea instead of coffee. Obviously the result was More Hipster, HURRAH! This is what it said:

“You care a lot about aesthetics and are very interested in the arts. You prefer things that are bold, authentic and kinda weird. You’re not into being ‘normal’, and prefer top stand out from the crowd. You love finding new, exciting things to do but have a tendency to be rather fickle.”

That, to me, seems like a more accurate definition of myself than Jennifer fucking Anniston. Why then did it take me omitting all of my natural choices in order to get my more natural result? Do I have Basic tastes and a Hipster mind-set? Why does liking The Mindy Project over Adventure time make me Basic? These are burning questions for my soul guys.

Also I hate the word hipster. This was the worst.

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