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Gentlewomen start your ponies!

written by Amber February 13, 2018

 Tis the season for stomping divots and sipping champagne!


The Land Rover NZ Polo Open is this Sunday, so whether you’re a polo pro or a first-time polo pony, here are my top tips for nailing your ensemble and making the most of one of summers best events.

Make Up

Keep it simple, you are aiming for a very polished but natural look. Think neutral tones, dewy skin and a lashing of mascara. with some lip gloss or a bright pop of lip could be great.



Think big grass paddock and remember this is you all day, stomping divot and the like

So, although tempting, avoid those beautiful sinking stiletto’s and stick to block heels, wedges or even flats. Some sandals or nice slides are totally acceptable! 


The Look

Remember it’s a completely different vibe to a race day where everything is set to be matchy matchy and more is definitely more.

A day out at the polo has a casual class to it, uncomplicated elegance is probably the best way to describe it.  The outfit should look refined but relaxed. Think floaty day dresses, panama hats, jumpsuits and wicker boater hats. 

But hey, it’s fashion, so at the end of the day just wear what you want to wear and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just get out there and rock it!

DRESS TO THE CONDITIONS (if the change reduce your speed)

It’s February so I’d usually be talking sunblock about now however you may have noticed these humid tropical cyclones gracing us with their presence. I’m sure the day will be an absolute beaut BUT if the weather does look like it might take a turn, make sure you’re prepared. So don’t wear shoes that could get stained or soaked by the mud, or a maxi skirt that will end up taking half the field home with you. Just be prepared because the weathers kinda mental at the moment .



Last The Distance

Don’t skip breakfast! I get it, you’re excited and busy getting ready, possibly even running late. But this is a big one, priorotize that morning meal and you will be in good form by the evening.

Pack a small touch up kit, nothing too fussy just the essentials – Hair clips, Lippy, ID, Credit Card, Phone and bring a charge cable if you might run low.

Also organise your home transport / meeting spot BEFORE you relax into the day and start drinking

It’s always an incredible day out, made even more exciting this year with Veuve Clicquot celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Clicquot Rosé! So to celebrate Madame Clicquot creating the world’s first blended Rosé Champagne two centuries ago, they have teamed up with three creative kiwi entrepreneur women to help create the ‘Colourama’ theme for the day and embody the spark and spirit of Madame Clicquot. 

It’s always such a stunning space so I’m really looking forward to see how it all comes to life and hopefully this year I’ll learn a few things about the Polo!



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