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If It’s Not Raw Then It’s Not Cool

written by lucyfreyakorn May 30, 2015

by Lucy Korn

How To Be Cool In Food And In Fashion


If you hadn’t noticed, raw is like, so hot right now. If you are consuming something that is raw, it instantly makes that food and by extension you, cooler. What would you rather say you had for lunch, a basic af pepperoni pizza, or a raw mushroom pizza with buckwheat base, raw sauce, and nut cheese? Naturally you would rather eat the former but the latter, say that, and you immediately become better than everyone else in the room.

Food is not the only raw thing that can give you cred though. Raw cheesecake is cool, and all, but it has nothing on the phenomenon that is raw hemmed denim. Or raw hemmed raw denim if we are really going there. Just like how buckwheat base, nut cheese pizza is deemed holier than the pepperoni, wearing raw hemmed denim will deem you more divine than those whose denim garment is actually finished.


Yasmin in those jeans via TOMMY TON

Thank god then that frayed denim is a) super easy to come by and b) super easy to DIY. The first time I took scissors to a pair of jeans was about a year ago after I saw Yasmin Sewell wearing a pair of cropped flared jeans with a raw hem. The second time was just last week when I cut up every pair of jeans I owned, and one skirt. Suddenly double cuffing my jeans just seemed like the ultimate faux pas. You can chalk it up to the sheer volume of designers that showed frayed denim in their 2015 collections. The most prevalent being Marques’ Almeida the reigning champions of frayed denim (and the worthy winners of the LVMH prize) and Georgia Alice, whose Penelope Coat has been haunting my dreams for a while now.


Georgia Alice Penelope Coat via Black Box Boutique

So next time you want to dazzle your peers with you coolness just turn up to lunch with a zucchini noodle pad thai and wearing this outfit. People’s heads may explode.



Rachel Comey jeans, Marques’ Almeida top and skirt, MIH Jeans Jacket, Karen Walker shoes.


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