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Is It Too Early To Start Thinking About Summer?

written by lucyfreyakorn July 25, 2014

 …Or a vacation?

I know they said last month was our warmest June since 1889 or something but it’s July now and it’s fugging freezing. Yes there are worse things in life than being cold but this weather is really getting me down. Does anyone else feel in dire need of a holiday? I want to go somewhere warm and sunny, somewhere I can fall asleep on the beach and eat watermelon by the pool. Failing that I just want Auckland to warm the fuck up. Is that too much to ask?

Here’s some beautiful, sunny shots of people in beautiful, sunny places to make you all cry into your cup-a-soups:








Take me back, please.


Photos pulled from: Oracle Fox, Tumblr, Google, Vogue, 5 Inch & Up,

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