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Marshmallow Pink Is The Hue Of The Moment

written by lucyfreyakorn August 21, 2014

by Lucy Korn

 Soft and sweet but not entirely sickly


I really, really struggled not to title this post ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.’ It would have been an entirely appropriate title I know (it’s still Wednesday in America) but I am trying this new thing where I only quote Mean Girls once a day and I have already made reference to someones wig being made of their mums chest her so…

Mean Girl isms aside, you probably SHOULD be wearing pink next Wednesday because it’s kind of having a moment. This time around however, candy pink is more modern woman than fairy princess. Think crisp shirts, slouchy menswear inspired pieces and chunky accessories.


Givenchy Clutch, Country Road Suit, Miu Miu Skirt, Country Road Shirt, Lonely Bra, Ruby Pants, Karen Walker Loafers, Marnie Dress, Country Road PJ Set.

It also makes me think 90s Calvin Klein but doesn’t everything these days?


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