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Our Interview With Heavenly Soles

written by lucyfreyakorn November 6, 2012

I think it was Carrie Bradshaw who once said, “There is nothing more satisfying than an amazing new pair of shoes.”

Here at thedownlow we are in total agreement, especially when said shoes were brought from an equally amazing store. We sat down with the beautiful Kerry Gladman, owner and founder of the fabulous Heavenly Soles shoes – a fabulous boutique shoe store that is quietly taking NZ by storm.

When/how did the idea to open Heavenly Soles first come along?

Heavenly Soles grew from a passion of mine. I love shoes and always have done. When I arrived in NZ from the UK, I was missing my large selection of shoe stores so decided to open my own!


What is the philosophy behind the store?

To cater for all ladies in styles plus also the price point.. My philosophy is to be able to offer amazing shoes to all of our customers. We stock shoes from $89 through to $400 and ranges from walking shoes to the highest heel possible.


What are your personal favorite designers that you stock at Heavenly Soles?

My personal favourite label is Minx. Cushla designs amazing styles and the quality is excellent.


Congratulations on opening your fourth store in Queenstown! In what ways do each store , Devonport, Ponsonby, Matakana, Queenstown, differ from each other?

I designed all  the stores to be a sanctuary where ladies can come and take their time trying on shoes and just enjoying the experience. However, all stores have a slight difference just to personalize them. We are really excited about Queenstown as it is such a gorgeous place to be.


The Heavenly Soles business seems to be expanding pretty quickly – What are your ultimate dreams for the store?

I want the stores to carry on being loved by our customers. I love working in the stores myself as there is no better reward than seeing a lady going away in total delight with her purchase. Customer service is really important to us at Heavenly Soles and for that to carry on is my ultimate dream.


If you could wear any one designer (clothes and shoes) for the rest of your life who would you choose?

I think I would have to go with Versace. Bit way out there but love the styles and prints. I would have to have the bags, shoes and accessories to go with the dresses too!!

Heavenly Soles stocks NZ brands Chaos & Harmony and Kathryn Wilson and a huge range of popular international brands such as Nude, Soles and Melissa. They are now open in four locations: Devonport, Ponsonby, Matakana and Queenstown. We recommend you pay them a visit the next time you have a craving for fabulous shoes! Each store is really and truly heavenly.
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