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The BAFTA’s 2014 Red Carpet

written by lucyfreyakorn February 19, 2014

 Otherwise known as the red carpet where no one cared about anyone else other than Angelina and Brad.


Angelina & Brad: They are just so awesome. Angelina’s Saint Laurent suit is the best, her shoes are the best, she is the best.


Amy:  DOWNGRADE. What happened to Sydney?

Uma: Looks completely unrecognizable. Amazing but unrecognizable.

Cate: You can’t really see it here but that necklace is quite literally a birds nest. I don’t get it at all and neither does the lady behind her. *Shakes head.*


Lupita: It girl number 1, Jennifer Lawrence was unable to attend tonight so Dior got rapidly-catching-up-but-still-It-girl-number-2 to wear one of their gowns. Nevertheless she looks sensational (bar the matching shoes, always say no to the matching shoes).

Oprah: Big hair, don’t care.

On a totally unrelated note, I wish she was my Aunt.

Imogen Poots(har har) and that guy who played that gangster in American Hustle, who still IS that gangster from American Hustle: This dress.. Props for the colour but everything else is just wrong. The proportions are slightly out making her look strangled and hunched. Maybe if the whole thing needs to be hiked up an inch or so? Maybe if that ‘cut-out’ on her chest never happened? Maybe if she wore something completely different?


Emma: I just love her, she always seems to be having so much fun while at the same time being like ‘fuck this shit.’ Seeing the funny side to the ‘Red Carpet’ I feel, is integral to surviving it. Otherwise you are literally just like ‘FUCK THIS SHIT.’

Case in point:9434362_600x338

Lilly: Re-fried Bai Ling. Re-fried Bai Ling that wasn’t even great fresh.

Naomie: I love this on her. Beautiful colour, perfect fit AND THOSE SHOES. OBSESSED WITH THOSE SHOES.


Ruth: “Yea man, I am so into this look, I am so glad I went the Tux route, it’s so cool and unexpected!” *See’s Angelina Jolie* “Oh.”

I’ve absolutely no clue who these two are but I love them. So much.

Fearne: This classic example of someone who looks so much better in normal day to day life than on the red carpet (she’s a presenter). Google ‘Fearne Cotton street style’ an you’ll see what I mean.


Maggie: I singled this one out because to me Maggie was the worst dressed of the night. There were worse dresses for sure but the fact that Maggie is so much cooler than this whole look means she takes the cake.

Guys this is custom Lanvin. Custom as in she meant for it to turn out like this. No disrespect to Lanvin but I don’t understand why anyone would ever want to look like this. Ever. As the Fug Girls so eloquently put it, “She looks like she’s in costume as a Faberge egg. INTENTIONALLY. She is INTENTIONALLY A FABERGE EGG.” And it makes me sad because everyone is going to hate it. Poor Alber.


Lucy Korn

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