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Things From Couture Week That Angelina Jolie Should Wear At Some Point

written by lucyfreyakorn July 14, 2014

The Queen is coming back to the red carpet you guys and she is in desperate need of a new stylist couture.

by Lucy Korn

Angelina is about to be/kinda already is everywhere. Maleficent was a massive film for 2014, her current directorial project Unbroken is coming out this Christmas (Oscar bait) and she and Brad are already scouting locations for her next film which she wrote and will star in alongside Brad(!). We all know Angelina doesn’t give two shits about what she wears on the red carpet and I’m not saying she should, I’m just putting it out there that you can not care and still look good. If you have a good stylist all you need to do is show up and zip up because they should have taken care of everything. You should not have to give a shit and trust that you’re not going to turn up looking 15 years older than you really are. 



This looks quite simple from the front but the back is very cool.


It also has a semi cape which I feel is fitting.


Alexandre Vauthier


This is for just in case she feels like saying a big FU to everyone who made fun of her leg that one time.


Zuhair Murad


This I really, really want to happen, it’s like the dress was made especially for her.




Seeing as this is a jumpsuit of sorts I doubt it will be worn to an award ceremony but I feel like it will be worn by her at some point.


Elie Saab


I also really, really want this to happen because she always looks glorious when she does soft and floaty. Remember when she was pregnant and always wore this kind of thing? People should not be allowed to look that good, especially while pregnant.




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