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written by Amber April 2, 2016

In the past year i’ve done a lot of traveling for work and as much as that’s been amazing, one certainly¬†does miss home and all its hand picked comforts . I was having a chat with my girlfriends comparing all our homely finds so it inspired to let my inner house wife roar and post about those little extras that make my day that much easier.

Doing it in style


I’m completely serious when I say this will rock your world. Yes I realise its a vacuum cleaner and yes I can hear myself but we all need to do it (‘it’ being house cleaning) so why not do it in style! This little Dyson game changer doesn’t have any cords, annoying bags or bulky bits so you are light and fancy-free to whip around your house in no time. It’s a little like pushing around a broom but instead of swooshing all the dust about it sucks it up and away forever. Now at the risk of sounding like an infomercial (apologies but it really is this good), I must also mention it comes with smaller parts as well so you can walk it out to the car and give that a spruce up too, all without lugging around a typical vacuum cleaner. Seriously guys, this Dyson is mega.


Morning kickstart

I’m relatively new to the world of coffee but I must say, after being spoilt with one of these fancy coffees at my fingertips it has made me quite the accidental coffee snob. I’m happily under the spell of my morning Nespresso. I use a Pixie Clips machine but I see they have just released a newbie, get this, you message it from your phone (aka bed) and order what you want! So all you need is someone to deliver it to your bedside


Blow me away


We all know GHD kills it with their straightening irons, and in the past few years they have made their way into creating glorious curls but I must say, the GHD hair dryer has kicked serious butt, it has a ginormous cord which for whatever reason comes in handy more times than not, is light to hold which is great for obvious reasons (if you have ever attempted a blow wave on yourself you will know) plus it’s much quieter so you can actually hear if a courier is at your front door. These are the basics, but of course, it also has fancy technology to help protect your hair along the way.





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