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Activewear’s Hot New Hangout

written by Amber November 26, 2015

Question for you. Do you know the fastest growing sport in New Zealand for young women?  You might be surprised to know- it’s GOLF!


It could be due to the ‘KO Factor’ (the influence of the brilliantly successful, and oh-so-cool World No. 1 Lydia Ko) or it could just be that the message from all those mad keen golfers out there is slowly getting through…Golf is fun!

This month has seen the launch of NZ Golf’s new campaign ‘She Loves Golf’.  The campaign, targeting young women, aims to dispel any myths around the rules and regulations of golf, to change perceptions that it’s a stuffy, boring game for old folks, and, to encourage girls to get a group of friends together and give golf a go!
Ko herself is one of five ‘She Loves Golf ‘ambassadors, alongside Toni Street, Laura McGoldrick, Jamie Curry, and TheDownLow’s own Amber Peebles. Over the last few weeks – and until the end of the month – the ‘non-pro’ She Loves Golf ambassadors have be trying out their newly acquired golfing skills; chipping, putting, birdying and bogeying their way around local golf courses and driving ranges. We’re not promising they’ll be knocking Lydia off her perch anytime soon, but we reckon they’ll have fun trying!
In the past, one of the main stumbling blocks for many young fashionistas out there has been ‘What to wear on the golf course?’.  They’re not really that keen on plus-fours, vests and tartan socks! NZ Golf are keen to let us all know: pretty much anything goes these days!  The main thing to consider is to wear comfortable, relaxed clothes that you can swing a club in. Your yoga or gym gear is perfectly acceptable.  You don’t need special golf shoes either, sneakers will do the trick but best you leave the heels and jandals in the car for the after-match socialising! Hats and sunnies are a must too, particularly during the summer months.

Playing a few holes (you don’t have to play 18) is a wonderful ‘stress-buster’, plus it’s a great way to get in some exercise, while sharing valuable chatting and laughing time with friends (and without doubt, there WILL be plenty of laughs!).
Golf really is a great way to burn calories without noticing – it’s more about endurance than extreme physical exercise. A game requires anywhere from 60 minutes to five hours of walking and swinging a club, depending on how many holes you decide to play. The average golfer will burn around 1500 calories per 18 holes of golf!

s65tPpqtqVwWCB684j14XrcKJojQZlymR67SvWe79nAThat means you really can treat yourself to a delicious refreshment in the 19th, at the end of the game.  Champagne and golf go so well together!

So summer is coming, now’s the time to take action! Grab a few friends, throw on your activewear  and head out to your local golf course or driving range to hit a few balls.

This might just be the beginning of your lifelong love affair with Golf.
We truly hope so!

Check out the ‘She Loves Golf’ activities on www.lovegolf.co.nz