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Tips To Throwing A Casually Awesome Arvo

written by Amber September 30, 2014


I’m sure we all agree that the idea of snuggling up by the fire place with a glass of red wine is glorious but after a long winter, I’m over it. I’m over freezing my butt off and having to wear slippers around the house 247.

So, in an effort to summons summer to arrive earlier I thought I’d entertain the idea of entertaining

The sun setting on the back porch or yard is pretty much a must have for me, it makes for a perfect spot to host a few quiet ones on a sunny afternoon but I must confess, I’m probably the least talented in the kitchen out of all my friends so, I’ve put together a few tips on throwing a casually awesome arvo if you’re not so hot in the kitchen



single serveLighting and Candles : I’d suggest dotting candles around the house it’s always a nice touch especially in the bathroom and for when that sun does eventually set its important you have thought about your outside lighting.

Mozzies: Don’t forget about insect repellent, outdoor citronella candles are a nice natural option. It’s a sure fire way to unravel a night when those miniature vampires crash the party

Food: If you’re no whiz in the kitchen then make sure you have plenty of yummy nibbles. Buy a whole smoked fish with plenty of tiny picking folks, crackers, cheese (the basics), some delicious honeycomb which always make the plate look interesting, hunt out a couple of perfect pates, keeping ing mind colour. So throwing in Basil and cocktail tomatoes add a gorgeous colour pop

Clean The House: One thing that always gets the house clean is knowing people are coming over, the house never looks better but make sure you do this with plenty of time

food close up

The Host Sets The Mood: If the host is busy fussing around no one will relax so pick an outfit that’s classy but fuss free. A silk shirt with your favourite jeans or an easy maxi dress with some fun jewelry .. and bare feet 🙂

Style: No need to exert yourself here but it’s nice to have a flavour of style running through your evening. I love to use big chunky chopping boards as serving platters and a few yummy jugs floating around . Pims is always an easy and refreshing one to provide on the side. That alone starts to set the flavour for the evening, it’s almost a modern twist on a country vibe. Go with what you like. Heck you can even make it themed . It’s your party do what you like !

Small things: Extra toilet rolls, having a couple of hand towels set a side in the bathroom, sweets for later, Polaroid camera .. this is a must, they are so much better than dodgy selfies on your phone (although they always seam like such a good idea).

Fun. Have it

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