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Meet Me At Melrose

written by Amber June 20, 2017

Winter has arrived and it’s bought the 90’s with it. 

There is almost no escaping practical footwear in winter, ducking in and out of showers and jumping over puddles on coffee breaks is the norm so best be prepared. Often when I’m dressing in Winter I dress from the shoes up and with the latest fashion current streaming straight outta the 90’s I’d been hunting for boots just like these to kick the season off. These Dune boots have a strong 90’s punk / army vibe which I really love but to keep this look from being too strong I’ve balance it out with something yummy and soft, this mo hair Witchery cardigan is the perfect match and it’s unbelievably warm but and oversized wooly pullover would also do the trick. 

Mixing hard and soft styles / materials is key to keep an edge on your snuggly new season style.

Berets, OK I’m almost surprised at myself for being into this (again) but in the last week i’ve rocked both a bright red and a black beret so I think the jury is out and the beret is in! And why not, with a fabulous elongating effect that draws the eye up, they help give the illusion you are taller than what you are.. we like that, smoke and mirrors! (insert evil chuckle)

Actually while we’re on accessories, there’s a great detail coming through in the world of handbags, the feature strap. A unique and easy way to add personality to your style, I noticed that Collete had a few interchangable strap options if you wanted to add a pop of colour that way. 

Also consider a neck tie, they are easy on the pocket and add an understated polish to an unstructured ‘knit wear’ look. I have mine folded and ironed, siting just under my shirt, but suit yourself, tie it right around your neck, under your collar, around a wrist or even your hand bag. It’s just a small detail but it helps show your personal flair 

It’s also good when freshening up your look at the beginning of the season to think about makeup, you don’t need to follow trends but keep an open mind as it’s incredibly easy to fall into a rut.

Don’t be shy, have a conversation with one of the many makeup artists in the centre, that’s what they are there for. Perhaps start slow, just ask for one new thing you could try or have them show you a whole face full of trips and tricks. Technology in cosmetics is moving forward in leaps and bounds which is very exciting so don’t stay out in the cold on this one (excuse the pun) 

Walker & Hall necklace & rings / Glassons beret & jeans /  Witchery cardigan / Colette neck scarf & bag / Dune London boots. All found at Westfield 🙂

So, in a nutshell, embrace the chill with style and let this Melrose Place, Party of Five, 90’s flash back wash into your winter wardrobe.

Amber xx

Photographer  paddyfoss.com

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