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To Brunch and Beyond

written by Amber May 21, 2017



Is it just me or does this kind of ‘Off Duty’ wear magically render you incredibly productive for the day!? Seriously though. I always find when I have a Sunday brunch with a girlfriend or we stroll up the road for a morning coffee, this kind of urban sporty look takes me through a good portion of the day and I get so much done, the kinda stuff I’ve been procrastinating for a week! Genius, procrastination-fighting super powers (or it could be the coffee)
Keep it comfortable, practical and stylish with a few simple layers. For me personally, this look doesn’t come with much makeup so I really like to be understated, nothing to load. It should feel and look like almost zero effort has gone in, like you just fell into this casually cool outfit (shhh I won’t tell if you don’t). While baggy pants are a dream to wear, just make sure they are slim fitting so the don’t add bulk. Also if you are opting for a loose fitting top look at getting it slightly over sized so you can slide it off your shoulder or tie a knot on one side. Giving yourself an angle will draw the eye up and give you some shape.
So I do have more pairs of white sneakers that I care to admit but I still get the glad eye when I spy a pretty new pair. It maybe a mild addiction but (here I go trying to justify it) they lift up an outfit. Crisp white shoes go with almost anything and everything so when I discovered that converse had added some fancy and very comfortable sole supports into their classic styles, I was super excited to give them a test run. Sneakers are also an awesome way to add personality to a look so if you’d rather some flair, go grab that feature sneaker and take on the world.
‘To brunch and beyond!!’
Amber x
Photography by Adam Thompson @thomotakespics

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