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Winter Getaway Please

written by Amber June 26, 2016


IMG_7817 sunset 1W IMG_7830 (1) sunset 2W IMG_7834 sunset 3w IMG_7852 (1) sunset 4W
We can all be grateful for such an amazingly long summer but now the thought of winter is making my hair stand on end and It’s only just starting! Needless to say, I’m already dreaming of a winter escape!
I am a total sucker for the romantic glamour of resort wear, if you are lucky enough to be heading somewhere warm think bright colours and complimentary silhouettes. Scarfs, be they large or small are in the spotlight at the moment, they are often worn close to the face, around your neck or hair so find one with colours that work with your skin tone. Also, the pirate-chic one earring look is back and I’m all for it, it’s a super fast and simple way to modernise a beach babe look.  In saying that I also love to pack at least one pair of heels just in case George Clooney happens to drop by, a girl needs to be prepared! Here I’ve folded up a high waisted wide legged pant to make it more relaxed, it’s a great way to transform what is essentially a structured pant, I’ve gone from flats on sand to heels on the wharf to show you how the change of a shoe can give your look a fresh twist.
I’d also always suggest packing a few oversized shirts as they are great for your travel days paired with a light skinny stretch jean or denim short. That’s my ‘go to’ . You can then also use the shirt as light jacket / cover up at the end of the day.
My last tip is to take at least two pairs of walking/ exploring shoes, after a long day in one you will want to rotate for the next day.
Unless you are poolside with a cocktail, in which case who needs shoes!
Photo credit: Adam Thomson @thomotakespics
A HUge thank you to the team @AucklandSeaplanes for an epic afternoon! I highly recommend getting in touch, they are a lovely team and it’s an amazing experience.
Also be sure to check out the Westfield blog to stay up to date with street style blogs and tips & tricks from the Fashion Collective
Amber   xx
IMG_7953-Edit sunset 13W
Sunglass Hut Raybans / Witchery Head Scarf, Earrings, Top & Pant /
French Connection Bag /Nine West Heels & Flats
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