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Travel Edit: Hvar, Croatia

written by Amber March 25, 2017


An island that by day bubbles away as an intamite bustling port and by night, boils over with airfilled music, flaming cocktails and friendly forien faces. For the last decade Hvar has been building up, attacting the attention of both famous and fabulous. It’s not crazy expensive, about 1-1 with New Zealand and worth every delishious penny!

I made my trip over in August and found it was the perfect balance. Warm without the swarm..  of people.



1. Splash out a bit on accommodation or make friends at one of the Suncani hotels. I’d recommend Adriana. Amazing place the drips class and sits over looking the harbour. If you’re staying at either Adriana , Amfora or Riva you’ll have access to the hotels private beaches. Some of the perks include over water day beds and mini rooms to store your stuff and nap.



2. Rent a boat for a day. For as little as $30NZ you can put around the islands, stop in for lunch – many of then islands have tiny restaurants on them – or find a quiet spot of your own for a picnic. Lot’s of fun, but you’ll need a day as the $30 boats travel pretty damn slow!



3. Sunset is great at the Hula club. It’s about a 15 minuet walk around from the harbour but it’s worth it. Cocktails and sunsets are unbeatable.

4.Late night belongs to Carpe Dium, a club in the harbour. It’s become so famous and done so well that another Carpe Dium has sprung up on an island off the coast. Both are great. If you’re in the harbour bar ask for Tony. He’s a great bar tender. Get him to show you the floating Boston trick.



5. Don’t trust boat drivers who take you to random islands. We got stuck for 2 hours on an island covered in naked elderly Europeans!

Amber xx

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